Winter Semester Opens

With huge anticipation, I was still awake at 12:20 a.m., Monday morning (January 4, 2016) when classes opened. The start  of a fresh semester was exciting because of all the possibilities.

This semester’s classes are
MATH 212 – Math for Midwives, BIOL 202 – Anatomy and Physiology of Obstetric, COMM 114 – Communication Skills,  and MDWF 146 – Midwife’s Assistant Orientation. A typical full time class load is three classes. However, I decided I wanted to speed up my academic portion, so I added another class to this semester. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into! It has been challenging, to say the least. I’m not sure I will do this again for any other semester.

I created my schedule spreadsheet to help me stay on course. This took me three days of getting all my classes organized, reading the syllabi for all four classes, figuring out Live Sessions, and trying not to be too stressed out.

WEEK 3 UPDATE: Things are going, well. I’ve settled into a routine of school all morning, afternoon, and evening! As long as I continue this way, I should be done by about week 12 (instead of week 15). This will give me approximately a 5 week semester break! I’m looking forward to that. I would much rather work extremely hard in the beginning of the semester, and take a nice long break at the end of the semester, than the other way around. As of right now, I’m one week ahead in two classes, and on schedule for the other two classes.

Let’s keep this momentum going!

First Semester Summary

This is a summary of my first semester as an enrolled student at Midwives College of Utah. Because I’m beginning this writing as I’m nearing the second semester (it starts this Monday, Jan 4, 2016)!), I’m only providing a summary. From here on in, weekly updates will be posted recording my midwifery progress.

Fall semester began Aug. 31, 2015.

The courses I took for the Fall semester were: BIOL 100: Anatomy for Health Professionals, HIST 184: History of Midwifery, HLTH 130: Holistic Health. I enjoyed all the classes, but BIO 100 was difficult. I was afraid, many times, that I would fail that class. There was a whole ton of memorizing. Electrons, protons, DNA, RNA, neurons, chromosomes, and a whole bunch more, including the skeletal, respiratory, digestive and other body systems. I studied, studied, and studied some more. I was shocked both times with the grade for the midterm and final exams: 200/200! All the hard work paid off.

This semester is when I hit “the wall.” “The wall” is a time when a student has a difficult time moving forward in their school work. It causes lots of discouragement, because the student falls behind in their school work. It can nearly break a student and make them believe they made the worst decision ever. I hit this wall mid-Oct.

I fell behind, and I didn’t think I’d be able to finish on time. Thankfully, MCU has protocols in place to assist students who are having a difficult time. First, my teachers reached out to me asking  me what was going on. That was the first little shake. Secondly, my house mother reached out to me, and offered to mentor me. Thirdly, I joined a Facebook student support group. Lastly, I joined a sister circle. (I’ll blog about these resources later.) It was hard knocking this wall down. My mentor called me once a week, and I gave her an update and a goal. She encouraged me, and she was my accountability person…. Using all these resources, I was able to knock “the wall” down, and push forward.

This semester is, also, when I met some amazing fellow student midwives. We’ve encouraged each other, kept each other accountable, and became internet friends. I was able to find the Facebook student support group which was a tremendous encouragement! It’s so good to see that others are also struggling through the same issues I am struggling! I hope to meet these fellow classmates some day at student conference.

I completed all my courses on time. I created a movie for the History of Midwifery class. I made a whole lot of awesome and some not so awesome foods for Holistic Health. I got straight A’s for my first semester enrolled as a full time student. I worked super hard for those A’s!

I learned that I MUST reach out sooner when I begin to reach “the wall.” I also learned that I cannot allow myself to fall behind.

I purchased a few midwifery items: student stethoscope, regular stethoscope, pulse oximeter. I also purchased a bigger and better planner to keep all my school work and doula appointments in better order. A friend, who used to be a midwife years ago, gifted me a baby weighing scale and the sling that goes with it.

My goal for winter semester, 2016, is to hit the studying hard the first six weeks, and get far ahead in all my classes. It’s better to work hard at the beginning of the semester, as opposed to working hard at the end and stressing about the deadline.

Come on, winter semester, 2016, I’m ready for you!