Review: EZ View Med Bag (Hopkins)

When in the search for a workable assist bag, it’s extremely hard to visualize the images on websites selling their medical bags. Many times students ask which is the best bag for the assist phase. I’m not going to say this is the “best bag ever”, but I will give it the best review I can possibly give. I have provided pictures and descriptions of each section of the bag. This bag is being put to use as I assist at prenatals and births in the assist phase.

I purchased this bag to correspond with the Midwife Assistant class I took during winter semester, 2016.

When purchasing online, we are given an option of purchasing a black, navy, or royal blue bag. I chose the black bag. The purchase price was $54.95, and the EZ View Med Bag from Hopkins Medical Supplies arrived as promised. The bag came with a mini lock to facilitate locking a pocket on the bag wherever I see the need for protection. There are several pockets, two outer pouches, zippered baggies, small zipper pockets, and a main compartment.
Bag with folderOne of the outer sides of the bag has a zippered pocket where a few files can be stored and locked.


Front pocket with notebookThe other side’s outer pocket is not zippered and can easily hold a notebook or small planner or other non-essential papers. I keep my notebook in this pocket.


Both sides of the bag have  two zippered pouches. The picture online shows that a one-quart sharps container can fit in one of these pouches. One of the zippers has a red band that would indicate where the sharps container is located. I don’t have a sharps container, yet, so that pouch is empty. The other pouch holds my small tens unit.

Directly above these two side pouches are the handles where the shoulder strapped would go. That is an additional purchase which I did not make. However, I probably won’t ever purchase it, as carrying it with the handle works just fine.Handle




Inside bottom flapThe bag has two front (side) open flaps that lay flat when completely unzipped. This picture is the view of one of the side flaps opened all the way. It has six, small, rectangular, zippered pockets.



Inside these flaps are six clear ziplock type baggies with a slide zipper for closing.

These baggies are thin (9 1/2″ x 11″ each) and see through, and can fit a good sized amount of items in each baggie. The four-ringed binder clasps make the baggies easily movable: think a big binder with pages that can turn from side-to-side. On one side of the bag, I have my newborn stethoscope, adult stethoscope, and student stethoscope: one in each baggie. On the other flap, I have my scale and sling in one baggie, and some vitamin bottles in another baggie. There are a total of 12 baggies.


InsideEach flap also has different sized zippered pockets. These pockets are thin, and fit a limited amount of items. On one side of the flaps, I have my gloves and a whole bunch of alcohol prep pads. The pockets do stretch out a little bit to make some room for the items. On the other flap, I have a measuring tape and a pulse oximeter. These pockets are small and only fit a few small items in each pocket, but they serve their purpose. I will eventual transfer some of my essential oils to these small pockets.         Inside 3




Main pocket 1                          Main pocket 2Main pocket 3                          Side pocket with clinical binderThe inside, main compartment isn’t as big as I would have liked it to be. I am able to fit my blood pressure cuff and gauge, a gallon sized ziplock baggie with extra gloves, fetoscope, and a rebozo (not pictured). Just with that alone, it is packed. I would have like to be able to fit my clinical binder, but it doesn’t fit (side note: I can also put my clinical binder in the side,  non-zipper pocket, where I have the red notebook). On one side of this main compartment, there are two small mesh pockets. The other side has one zippered pocket where I can put some loose change, maybe a ponytail, or some lip balm.



Left: Pictured is the bag completely opened next to two cookie sheets for size comparison.

Right: Pictured is the bag completed zipped and on top of a cookie sheet for size comparison.

In all, I am pleased with this purchase. It is meeting my needs when I take it to prenatal appointments and births. The bag has room for more items and I look forward to filling it up. I would recommend this bag to anyone who is looking for a small enough bag to fit enough items to be able to effectively work at prenatal appointments and births during the assist phase. (I will update this in a year or two when I’m in primary phase.)

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