BIO 306: Genetics

Genetics! What a loaded word that is for me, now. I don’t know if I studied this in high school or not. All I remember from high school was that an X chromosome is for a female, and a Y chromosome is for a male, and something about recessive and dominant genes. Well, that’s all changing this semester!

Who knew that becoming a midwife meant studying about genetics? I’ve learned about IVF and pre-implantation testing. I’m learning about alleles, heterozygous and homozygous genes, meiosis, mitosis, and gamete maturation, Mendilian laws and his experiments. I’ve learned about the genetics of blood types and the seriousness of ABO incompatibility. I’ve learned what genotype, phenotype and progeny mean, and I can apply those terms correctly.

I’ve also learned how to create a Punnet square and how to add and multiply in genetics to find out the probability of the phenotype. I had to create a chart for pedigree symbols and create a few pedigrees for different family genetics. I plan to incorporate pedigree education into my midwifery practice and offer pedigree analysis to clients.

It usually takes me three 6-8 hour days to complete two assignments for the week. It’s intense reading, learning, and information storing. It’s late nights, sore eyes, lots of hours of research, and trying to put it all down on paper for the assignments.

Reading about it in a blog does no justice to what I have learned in the first 5 weeks of school in Genetic’s class. It has expanded my knowledge and I believe will make me a midwife who can show people the probability of a genetic disease or disorder for their progeny (see how I used that term correctly?).

All this work keeps me off social media except for the milk sharing group I co-admin, the MCU student support group, and pm’ing with fellow students with encouraging words or letting them know how far behind we are!. So, if you are a friend on social media, it may look like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth, but I’ve simply fallen hard into the studying.

As challenging as learning about Genetics has been, I’m just as fascinated by all the information. My hope is that I learn all I can from the class, and that I don’t have to extend the class. It’s week 5, and I’m still on track with the assignments. I shall update at the end of the semester whether I was able to complete this class on time or if I had to extend it.

An example of the diagrams I’ve created for this class:


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