All those Practice Guidelines and Client Handouts

We are nearing the end of Winter Trimester, 2017. It was a great semester! I was able to complete the trimester way ahead of schedule which gave me a nice long break! I was not in a apprenticeship this trimester, so there was plenty of time to complete all assignments, and complete them well ahead of schedule. There was also time to take a one week break mid-trimester to visit my parents out-of-state.

This semester, I decided to create a schedule, in a notebook, for all classes and all assignments, including the required participations (no computer scheduling this time, because that has not worked in the past; I’m the pen and paper type!) I followed the schedule precisely, and it allowed me to submit assignments on time, and not fall behind, but to move far ahead in assignments.

This trimester was the trimester of practice guideline and client handouts: 42 total!! The three courses I took were Chemistry & Nutrition, Complications of the Prenatal Period, and Postpartum Care. Below is a list of the practice guidelines and handouts I created this trimester.

Chemistry & Nutrition Client Handouts:

1. Glycemic Index and Low Glycemic Diet Handout
2. Hydration in Pregnancy Handout
3. Prenatal Vitamins Research
4. Nutrition During Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Handout
5. Take Charge of your Home Handout

Complications of the Prenatal Period Practice Guidelines and Client Handouts:

1. Group B Strep Practice Guideline 1. Group B Strep Handout
2. Ectopic Pregnancy Practice Guideline 2. Bleeding in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimesters Handout
3. IUGR Practice Guideline 3. Miscarriage Handout
4. Placenta Previa Practice Guideline 4.  Gestational Diabetes Client Handout
5.  Abruptio Placentae Guideline 5. HELLP Client Handout
6. Miscarriage Practice Guideline 6. How to Prevent Preeclampsia
7. Gestational Diabetes Practice Guideline
8. HELLP Practice Guideline
9. Gestational Hypertension, Preeclampsia, Eclampsia Practice Guideline

Postpartum Care Practice Guidelines, Forms, and Client Handouts:

1. Immediate Postpartum Checklist 1.  Preparing for a Healthy Postpartum Handout
2. Postpartum Midwife Chart (a checkoff list) 2.  Postpartum Information for Parents Handout
3. Rh-negative Informed Consent & Waiver 3.  Nutrition for Postpartum Handout
4. Healthy Attachment of the Newborn and Mother Practice Guideline 4. Toning Your Body in the First 6 Weeks Postpartum Handout
5. Postpartum Depression Practice Guideline 5. Postpartum Depression Handout
6. Postpartum Needs of Women in Diverse Ethnic Cultures Practice Guideline 6. Sexuality in Postpartum Handout
7. Sexuality in the Postpartum Practice Guideline 7.  Healthy Attachment & Bonding Handout
8. Postpartum Visit Care Schedule Form 24 hour 8. Midwife Resource for Postpartum Services
9. Postpartum Visit Care Schedule Form 72 hour 9. Special Help Postpartum Handout
10.  Postpartum Visit Care Schedule Form 7 Day
11.  Postpartum Visit Care Schedule Form 2 Week
12.  Postpartum Visit Care Schedule Form 6 Week
13. Postpartum Visit Care Record Form 24 hr, 72, hr, 7 day, 2 week, 6 week

Final grades for Winter Trimester, 2017:
Chemistry & Nutrition: 100% A+
Complications of the Prenatal Period: 98.67 A+
Postpartum Care: 99.47% A+

Last semester, I forgot to update with grades. So I’m adding those in this post as well.
Fall Trimester, 2016:
Principles of Evidence Informed Practice: 96.85% A+
Prenatal Care II: 98.09 A+
Labor, Birth, and Immediate Postpartum: 96.71 A+

Paper schedule:

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