New Clinical Placement

A bit of history: Back in 2012, I became friends with Tesa Kurin. Back then, she was a doula, and was studying to become a midwife. I watched Tesa as she moved along through midwifery school, being in a clinical placement, and even going to the Philippines for three months to do clinical work. She did this all while parenting six children. I have eight children, and was parenting six children when I began to wonder if I could become a midwife.

As I began to get the midwifery calling, I started asking Tesa questions about school, and asked her if she thought I could do it. She answered all my questions, and encouraged me to look further into midwifery. Although I had already received the calling to be a midwife, I had not fully listened to it. However, having seen someone with a boat load of children, such as myself, doing this, I knew it could be possible. Watching Tesa’s journey inspired me to move forward and to accept what God was calling me to do.

Fast forward to 2015: I began classes at Midwives College of Utah (MCU) in January 2015. I began my first clinical placement in March 2016. However, my preceptor retired, and my last birth with her was in November 2016. So, now I was in need of another clinical placement. While there are two other midwives serving my city, they are currently not taking any students.

Tesa filled out the preceptor application and is now an approved preceptor with MCU!!! A couple weeks ago, Tesa and I signed the clinical training agreement, and I now have my next clinical placement!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Still in the assist phase.)

One little thing, though: Tesa’s birth center is 93 miles, which is approximately 1 hour and 30-45 minutes depending on traffic, away from my home! Right now, distance is not a barrier! I’m ecstatic to begin this placement, and I’m excited to see what Tesa has in store for the future of her birth center. I do believe I’ll be able to move right into the primary phase by the end of this year!

Today (4/18/17), I began apprenticing at the Antelope Valley Birth Center in Lancaster, Ca. It has been a great day and I also get to apprentice along side another MCU, Rebeccah! She is the primary student, and I am the assist.

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